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Max Cleaning Services Ltd take the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic very seriously and believe that the health and wellbeing of our Employees, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Customers/Clients, and the Public are of the upmost importance.


With regards to this, Max Cleaning Services Ltd will continually monitor the Government’s, NHS and other recognised Authorities guidance/advice and take this into consideration when acting upon/implementing both mandatory (Legislation) and recommended guidance/advice – this with the Government’s guidance/advice taking precedence.


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About Us

Welcome to Max Cleaning Services.

We have many years of experience for  marble floor polishing London We are based in London and can service all your marble floor polishing London needs. This can range from simple cleaning to  restoration and marble repolishing.


We are experienced with all kinds of stone floors including Marble, Granite, Limestone and Terrazzo.

Has your marble floor or kitchen worktop lost its shine?

Has it been stained by fruit juice or wine being spilled into it?

Are there unsightly ring marks on your worktops ?


Give Max Cleaning Services a call and we will return it to its former glory.


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Snagging Specialists

Sometimes during installation damage to marble surfaces will appear.This sometimes happens even withe best efforts of the contractors to protect the marble surface.We can re-polish and seal the new installation before the handover or even when the client has moved in.

We appreciate this can sometimes be a difficult situation and therefore work to a high standard of professionalism to maintain the contractor/client relationship.


Marble polishing in al london areas.

Stone floors are beautiful to look at but need regular maintenance to look their best.

We recommend a maintenance program to suit your needs and keep your STONE, MARBLE,CONCRETE or TERRAZZO floor looking its best.

 This could be once a year, every six months or even every 3 monthe depending on the use of the floor whether residential or commercial.












Wherever possible Max Cleaning services endeavor to use v.o.c free products.Sometimes there are products that are v.o.c free but their application is not advisible for the brief.Max Cleaning Services will do their best to advise architect,contractor or client on which product is the best.


Over time any stone surface will lose its shine due to natural wear.

The scratches that cause this can be removed and your stone surface can be restored to its former glory.

We also use a high quality sealer to protect your stone once the restoration is complete to keep it looking bright and shiny for years to come.

We have a wealth of experience in restoring anything from a luxury bathroom to a hotel entrance.



Unfortuneately accidents can happen. Sometimes cleaning products are used that are not suitable for marble.This can result in deep etching of the surface.

We can repair the marble and reseal it to make your marble surface look like new again


There are many different textures that can be applied to stone surfaces for various applications like a swimming pool area that needs a non slip surface.

We can bush-hammer or antike a surface to provide a safe floor that still retains the beauty of real stone.


Nothing is more satisfying than restoring a floor, worktop or bathroom back to its former glory.

Even a luxury bathroom like the one pictured above that was installed over 10 years ago can become dull after use.Apart from wear and tear it has the hard water of London to contend with as well as the many different products used on it or spilled on it.

We take pride in restoring stone that brings back that brand new look to any floor, worktop or bathroom.


Please give us a call for a free no obligation quote on

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If a floor is well looked after sometimes a quick polish is all it needs to maintain is shine.

A commercial property such as a hotel might do this on a weekly basis as it has a high proportion of footfall a day

A residential property may only need this to be carried out annually as there may be only a few members of the household

Whatever the case Max Cleaning Services would be happy to work out a suitable maintenence program for your needs.


Please give us a call for a free no obligation quote on

Mob : 07956 822549





Car showroom
Limestone cleaned and sealed
Eaton terrace
Limestone floor
Victorian entrance
Marble grinding
Polished Marble entrance
Marble bathroom restoration
marble damaged by Viakall
Repolished marble shower
Notting Hill
Marble steps
Luxury bathroom
Polished concrete
Starting the grinding process
City of London
Restored vanity top
Portland Stone steps
Portland stone steps
Polishing vanity top
Chemical damaged vanity top
residential kitchen
Concrete sealer
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Marble polishing
Cadogan Street
Bianco Limestone
Limestone kitchen
Polished and sealed
Etched marble
Bath surround
Bathroom restorations
Marble floor polishing
Fireplace restoration
Marble resturant floor
Chelsea SW7

MaxCleaning Services London Marble Floor Restoration and Polishing

Max Cleaning Services London offer a comprehensive marble floor restoration service from light maintenance to complete grinding and polishing of all types of stone including marble,limestone,granite,terrazzo,concrete and slate.   If your stone looks dull and just needs a refresh or if it has been damaged from spillages or severe scratches we can restore it to its former glory.This may require a light polish to bring the shine back to your stone floor.The beauty of stone is that it can be repolished to look like new again. If the scratches require more than a light polish we can rejuvenate your marble floor by grinding it. Marble grinding is a process where industrial diamonds are used to re-polish the stone thereby removing all scratches.We use high performance Italian marble grinding machine technology to produce the best results. Once the floor has been ground and repolished we seal the floor using high performance nano technology sealers. This will ensure a high level of protection and that the shine lasts for as long as possible.It is also a good time to incorporate a good maintenance program to keep the floor looking its best. A newly laid floor that has been poorly laid looks bad and does not reflect the value of the money spenton the stone.In some circumstances an architect will not pass a poorly laid floor.We can rescue badly laid floors due to lippage by grinding it down to level the surface.                                                   Please call for a free quotation on : 07956 822549                                                                                                               

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